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The Sacred Art Of You-

Learn to unlock all the potential within, with full trust of who you are and how you flow with the energies around you. 

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Feel your potential and be free to express who you are in the highest form.

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The Sacred Art of You Guided Course

How Our Journey Begins

Our one on one class, The Sacred Art of You, is formatted so that you may get the maximum benefit of our time spent together. This will be a combination of video chats, homework, meditations, remote energy work, plus other exercises to help you expand into the fullest YOU that can emerge.

Your class cost includes materials we will use for the level that you have selected. These classes are tailored to each one of you, whether you are new to your spiritual journey or a well seasoned traveler in these realms. For that reason you can start with class one and move to class two if you feel called. You may also start with class two if you feel you are ready, and not worry about being lost in the material. Which ever course resonates with you is where you are meant to start.

I welcome and honor you on your journey.

Course 1         $400

This 4 week course includes

4 Video Chat Meetings

Course materials

Personal Guidance

Remote Energy Sessions

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Course 2    $800

This is 4 week course includes 

6 Video Chat Meetings

Course materials

One Ascension TechniqueTM

Personal guidance working with the One Energy

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Course 3

Coming Soon!

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All classes that are one on one will be scheduled on days and times that work for both you and I so that this course can be tailored to your needs.  All video Chat meetings will be either as Face Time or another application where we can see each other and work together in a comfortable manner.

I am honored that you have made the decision to work with me on your healing path. 

And so we begin.